Christi Denton is a musician, sound artist, composer, and educator who works with found sounds, electronics, and homemade and modified instruments. She creates soundscapes that interact with or can be modified by people and the environment (for example, where the audience can influence the composition with their phones or their drinks, or where light, weather, or a microorganism modifies musical parameters.) Her work incorporates field recordings and digital processing to create intricate and immersive sonic environments, that showcase her fascination with the potential of sound as a medium for artistic expression.

She is currently working on an electronics/ guitar/field recordings project with London-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Margaret Fiedler McGinnis (earthworm) as well as collaborating with Pam Minty, a Portland-based filmmaker on an immersive installation about a string bean plant (the haricot project). From 2019 to 2022, she was an adjunct professor in the Sonic Arts and Music Production area at Portland State University, where she directed the school's two laptop ensembles (SAMPLE).

Her resume is here.