Recordings can be found at or A selection of recordings can be found below. Some of my larger projects can be found on the Projects page.

Mono (2020) by Christi Denton (Guitar and max patch)

Oct 22, 2018: Netalbum release on pan y rosas discos: (download the entire album at the link)

On Feb 9, 2018, Rabia Yeaman interviewed me on KBOO's (90.7 FM, Portland) Digital Divide show:

Sept 5, 2017 two hour jam session with iueke on Rinse France:

The following 3 pieces were all recorded at Caldera in January of 2014 and use guitar and Max/MSP.

IX Pieces for UPIC
These pieces were all created using a UPIC - (Unite Polyagogique Informatique du CEMAMu) A UPIC allows you to "draw" your music - the sound waves, the envelopes, the timbres, and how all those things fit together. The sound wave in this piece is from the sound of a breaking glass.

Working Girl
Working Girl was created in 2003 for the Chapel of the Chimes concert in Oakland CA. Working Girl is comprised of 60 recordings of women working on various tasks. The women recorded include firefighters, mothers, beauty pageant winners, zookeepers, welders, musicians, baristas, activists, train engineers and warehouse workers - women from all walks of life doing every kind of job. 55 of the 60 sound files used in Working Girl were recorded on a Sony Mini-Disc recorder and a set of binaural microphones. The remaining 5 were recorded onto DAT with two SM-57 microphones. The original version was 4 hours long.

Love Your Enemy
I started out by extracting the transients from the piece "Love Your Enemies" off the Dead City Radio album by William S. Burroughs (music on this piece by John Cale). The transients, in this case, are partials that have an average change of greater than 40 hertz per analysis frame, where an analysis frame is about .0174 seconds. From that point I pulled anything out that sounded interesting to work with and pulled out the bass frequencies a bit.